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Woodtech Italia was founded in 2006 by a Swiss industrial group that invests in environmental assets. With over thirty years of experience in wood processing, from the sawmill to the finished product, the company produces standard and custom-made wooden packaging for all types of industrial and commercial needs. It was during the years of packaging production that the need arose to make the most of virgin wood processing waste in order to give it new life and ecological efficiency: this is how the idea of creating the first pellet factory in Switzerland came about, a country rich in forests from which to source the raw material. Today, Woodtech Italia boasts production partners in Europe and around the world that guarantee the distribution of our pellets throughout Italy and part of Europe thanks to the Woodtech France division, founded in 2015.

Increasing the value of products and gaining customer trust
is our goal


The institutional mission of Woodtech Italia is to prioritize the safety and health of people, respect for the environment, ethical behavior and careful risk management.

Woodtech Italia, operating in the biomass and derivatives sector, wants to be a leading player in the European energy heating market from alternative and renewable sources.

The goal is to strengthen the company’s competitive position, ensuring sustainability and respect for the environment over time.