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A Precious Source of Renewable Energy.

Wood heating does not impoverish nature but rather favors its continuous renewal, guaranteeing and supporting all the principles of eco-sustainability that are the basis of our production activity.

Our products are derived from virgin wood processing waste in full respect of the ecosystem. The supply of wood is also guaranteed in times of crisis, thanks to the continuous cleaning of European forests that provide us with the raw material.
Our productions allow us to intelligently and sustainably valorize the wood residues deriving from sawmill processing, with the advantage of significantly reducing the waste of this precious natural resource and solving the serious problem of waste disposal thanks to the revitalization of the sawmill and sawmill processing waste.

In particular, as far as pellet production plants are concerned, the biomass used for the operation of the furnace in which the wood is dried consists of bark and twigs “discarded” by sawmills, as well as prunings from private gardens, located in neighboring areas.
All the plants have been designed in depression, so as to avoid the voluntary or accidental release of untreated processing residues. For the phase that consumes more energy, wood drying, we have chosen to use a biomass furnace that releases only air and steam into the atmosphere.