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With over 25 years of experience in the wood sector, Woodtech Italia offers a comprehensive range of wood products and services, from the direct procurement of raw materials to a dynamic production system that caters to diverse customer needs. Our commitment to sustainability is evident throughout our operations, as we utilize production scraps, primarily from spruce, to manufacture pellets, minimizing waste and promoting a zero-impact approach. Our packaging solutions are designed to meet the most demanding transportation, storage, and warehousing requirements.
We offer a wide variety of customizable packaging solutions to address the specific needs of our clients:

Our products, renowned for their safety and reliability, can be exported worldwide thanks to optional heat treatment. This high-temperature treatment eliminates harmful microorganisms that could compromise or alter the composition of the wood.

ISPM 15 Heat Treatment

The transportation of wooden packaging is subject to ISPM 15 International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15. This regulation aims to reduce the spread of harmful organisms across continents. ISPM 15 applies to raw wooden packaging with a thickness exceeding 6 mm intended for export. The standard mandates that wooden packaging be treated at high temperatures (56°C for 30 minutes) or with methyl bromide. Compliant packaging bears a distinctive spike-shaped logo.