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Unique Positioning in Italy

Woodtech Italia offers:

  • Multiple production sites and integrated logistics that ensure product availability throughout the year
  • Presence of logistics hubs throughout Italy
  • Deliveries throughout the national territory
  • Supply to both small and large distributors
  • Attentive and customer-oriented customer service

Quality and Efficiency All Year Round

Woodtech Italia has created an efficient and advanced logistics and customer service system for the organization, management, communication of information and delivery of its goods. Woodtech Italia has invested in the creation of modern, efficient, flexible and safe logistics with a dedicated and aware staff ready to provide customers with prompt responses, ensure efficiency and reduce time and waste.

The widespread presence of numerous logistics centers in Italy and Europe, together with consolidated expertise, guarantee the planning and strategies of procurement and transport. Customer requests are supported by the development of customized projects with tailor-made deliveries, perfectly compatible with high-rotation products such as biomass fuels.

Online Goods Tracking

Woodtech Italia uses intermodal transport to optimize the movement of goods: road transport is flanked by rail and sea transport. This choice guarantees flexibility, affordability, reliability and speed in the transport and delivery of all products, allowing Woodtech Italia, always attentive to the issue of eco-sustainability, to contribute to the reduction of harmful CO2 emissions.

The availability of goods is guaranteed throughout the national and European territory 365 days a year thanks to the strategic positioning of the many logistics centers in Italy and Europe.

The constant commitment and innovation give rise to the new challenge of Woodtech Italia‘s logistics: the online tracking of goods arriving from any of the production plants and with any type of means, in order to keep the customer constantly informed.